Here it comes, Sunshine! 

The long-awaited date of upcoming song,

"Rise!", has been confirmed and will be released Harvest Moon on September 10.

"Rise!" is a gift from Spirit that I was able to channel and share as a message to stand up and embrace the Feminine.

Yes, Sunshine, the Feminine!

The one calling to YOU every morning while masking who you are to fit into the day. The Feminine Spirit that has been burned, crucified, abused, overworked, underpaid, ordered, controlled, and silenced while being forced to fit into an egotistically masculine society. 

Now, the good news.

Times are changing rapidly, and this song is a gift to spark that dusty candle.


It's our time, Sunshine. We see it in the collective of our own determination to share instinctive knowledge crunched deep within our hearts. The Energy is right there, waiting for YOU and YOUR healing hands to channel it.

Our time is now!


Let's "Rise!" in Unity, Love, Nature, and Connection through the Spirit of our beloved Ancestors and burst through the corners of this boxed-in world.

Love you all so much, and I'm always with you in Spirit.

Blessings, 🌀

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