"Empathy is at the core of Heather Armstrong's 

new album, Fearless Contribution"

- The East Mag


Award winning South Shore piper, Heather Armstrong, released her very first album despite a local music scene under attack. “It is an homage to all our local musicians that fought to survive the Pandemic” according to Armstrong.


Heather Armstrong’s sound is described as “Folky, Bluesy, and original, delivered by her full-bodied voice” according to local legend Hank Middleton.


“Her songs are reflective and filled with heart. Heather’s crystal clear vocals and soft falsettos are like a soothing lullaby for the soul.” Kristen Martell, singer / songwriter and 2021 ECMA nominee


“I needed to find a way to ensure musicians, especially our children, know to keep on going and to leave fear behind” said Armstrong.

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