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Updated: Jul 7

It's 2230h...

and I know I need to get everything ready for tomorrow.

Heading to the other side of Nova Scotia to bagpipe at a funeral and it is beyond crucial to look completely; perfectly ready, but I had to come back here and write before heating up the iron.

I came to wonder about the power of music in all entity of our lives, and I was carried into that heavy, thankful heart. The heart submerged in gratitude - the one where reflection is all that can be achieved. This feeling reminds me of when my mother would surprise me with a lemon delight donut while passing though Tim Hortons for her daily cup of joe… where you need to say, "thank you", before that gratitude gets stuck somewhere.

I do not know much, but there is one thing I know for certain: there is no greater honour than to honour all of you. From memorial services, just like the one booked for tomorrow, all the way to singing virtually into the unknown.

It is where my heart lies... forever.

Perhaps, this is a little note to get myself ready for that feeling of closeness to the heavenly realm, I am not sure, but I want you all to know I take you with me.

Wherever I go, I take you there.

I found a journal from years back. Written so many over the years and they just get lost or tossed away. Perhaps, there is some relatable of helpful dialogue in each entry? Either way, words should not just fall to the floor. Enjoy my mind from years past.

I love you all beyond all that can be said, and I thank you for every time you request that I play music for you. Thank you for your lemon delight donuts.

With all my heart,


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