Notebook Entry - Summer, 2009

Updated: Jul 7


I WANT TO flee to a land of innocence,

Or reach to the silk of the sea.

Blast away in a tall clean jet,

And pierce the sky as I flee.

I want to touch the hands of the innocent,

And through it, become one as well,

I want to sing to the clouds and hear them reply,

In the snowdrops as each one fell.

I want to place, in the world, a land of peace,

Where each depressed child could roam.

I want to make a shelter so fulfilling and of brilliance,

That everyone could call it their home.

I want to save each smile from a newborn child,

And place it in memory of peace,

Because only then do our minds want it most,

But care about it the least.

Maybe each problem in the world is not to blame,

More the constant plummeting need,

To create a world so stuck on peace,

And lacking in selfish and greed.

But just look around each burning flame,

And see what lies in the ash,

Because we will see the peace we eject

Is the type that forever will last

Peace is what lies among the pain,

In a perfect balance, to let us know,

The difference between love and war,

And soulfully understand which to show.

I want to send this knowledge to all whom will hear

The music heard in each song,

The sights far from what we can see,

And, hopefully, pass it along.


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